Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grey Hair Secrets Revealed

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Grey hair secrets now comes in a little bottle called dye or rinse but there may be another way to get rid of your Grey hair that does not require a prescription or commercial store bought remedies.

Did you know that gray hair is relatively predictable, how and why hair ages this way is not well understood. Unlocking those secrets could have potential well beyond vanity, leading to a better understanding of the aging process at the cellular level.

Whites tend to gray fastest followed by our Asian brothers and sisters then blacks. Then you ask why the President Obama is only 47 and his temples turned instantly white. Well maybe from one of the highest stressful jobs on the planet piled on with a heap of stress.

Scientists even hope that by identifying the mechanism that kills hardy hair-pigment cells and leaves us awash in gray, they can develop new treatments for shutting down more troublesome cells — like those that cause skin cancer.

This really interest me because I have had at least one grey hair since I was in high school and now I seem to be getting grey in the temple area. I once read of a little home remedy that will not only stop the grey but will turn your grey hair back to black. Have not tried it yet but you can go here for grey hair secrets revealed.

One of the many mysteries of gray-hair research is why some people have salt-and-pepper hair. “If it was purely based on one’s antioxidant system or the ability to handle oxidative stress, then you still have to explain why some follicles can produce perfectly pigmented hairs in a sea of white hairs,” said Desmond J. Tobin, associate dean of research and knowledge transfer at the University of Bradford.

Let me tell you the doctors are practicing medicine on this one and they will come up with some drug that stops grey hair but has a thousand and one side effects.

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