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Ethnic Hair Growth - The Secrets About Hair Growth

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This will be a small post. If you have ethnic hair and is looking to grow your hair here is 5 things you can do today to grow longer, healthier hair. Before I start let me say the best thing is to do your research on hair care, hair care products and join every hair forum you can.

When I started my hair growth journey I was shocked to discover how much I did not know about hair care and especially ethnic hair care. I did not know that the average hair growth rate was half inch per month. I realized that over a period of three years I should have 18 inches in hair length and I did not even have 10 inches. That told me that my hair has been growing at a snails pace. So I started doing my research and following the steps in this article and my hair grow over 1 inch in one months time.

Hair Growth With Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is not as hard as it sounds. However, if you want to grow your hair you will find a way. You can start by drinking 8 glasses of water per day this does not mean to drink 8 glasses of water at one time. Space it throughout the day start with 1 bottle in the morning, then afternoon then evening and at night.

If you are drinking one bottle a day then just work your way up to two bottles and so on. Start taking vitamins supplements like GNC women's mega vitamins or the hair, nails and skin vitamins. Eat vegetables, peanuts, chicken and fish, whole wheat bread instead of white and don't forget about fruits.

Growing Your Hair With Pre-Shampoo Treatments

You can prepare you hair for the harsh chemicals in your shampoos or in the water you use to
wash you hair with. Doing a pre condition before you wash your hair can be very helpful in keeping your hair moist and soft. The best product to use for pre shampoo conditioners is organic shea butter or coconut oil. You want to put a plastic bag over you head and let sit 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can even add a hot towel over the bag for extra absorption for about 30 minutes.

Shampoo Your Hair With Natural Products

There are a lot of shampoos on the market that claims to be good for your hair but most of them have harsh chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfates or sodium laureth sulfates that has been said to dry your hair out. You can find natural hair shampoos at your local health store or online. If you cannot get away from these harsh chemicals then make sure to only wash one time. Take some shampoo and put on finger tips and only wash your scalp not your hair. Make sure to rinse your hair with water 1 to 2 minutes before shampooing then wash your scalp. You can also add some essential oil to your shampoo like olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, for extra moisture.

Deep Conditioning For Faster Hair Growth

Deep conditioning you hair with a good conditioner that has natural oils is the key. When you deep condition your hair you want to use a plastic bag sort of like a shower cap. You can pick them up from your local beauty supply shop or sally's. If you sit under a hooded dryer that works best because the heat will allow the oils in the conditioner to enter you hair shaft to do the most good. If you do not have a hooded dryer then let the conditioner sit on your hair for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

Deep conditioning will make your hair stronger and soft. Make sure to buy a protein conditioner and a moisturizing conditioner. Protein is what ethnic hair is make of and it is also what keeps your hair strong and prevents breakage. You want to have proper balance of protein and moisture, one week you do a protein conditioner and the next week do a moisture conditioner. You can also just do an egg treatment as your protein conditioner. If you like you can add the egg to your moisturizing conditioner or you can just beat an egg up and put it on your hair. Leave on for about 20 minutes with a bag then follow up with your moisture conditioner.

When choosing a conditioner stay away from any conditioners that contains mineral oil, petroleum, or lanolin. These ingredients will seal your hair and block any type of nutrients from entering the hair shafts and eventually drying out your hair and causing breakage or split ends.

Healthy Hair Growth Secrets Hair Steps

The one thing you can do to feed you hair and promote hair grow it to moisturize and seal your hair with natural oils. Every day you should you moisturize with a daily moisturizer and seal with an natural oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oils. After adding the daily moisturizer take one or two drops of oil in the palm of your hands, rub hands together then apply to hair root to tip. Take one more drop and just focus on the ends of you hair. You don't want to over saturate your hair just enough to keep moistened. Also, try to wear your hair in protective styles at least 90% of the time. This helps you retain length by keeping your ends moist which prevents them from drying out and becoming damage. I know what your thinking, why grow hair just to keep it covered up? Would you rather have long gorgeous hair on the weekends only or have short damaged, dry hair all through the week?

Review Ethnic Hair Growth

1. Eat healthy and take vitamins supplements (also exercise)
2. Pre Shampoo Condition
3. Shampoo with natural products ( avoid Sulfates in shampoo)
4. Deep condition (avoid mineral oil, petroleum, and lanolin products)
5. Daily moisture and seal with natural oil

If you want to grow your hair healthy long and strong then you have to start doing the things
that will help you accomplish that. Start today and you will see results within weeks of doing the things I mentioned in this article.

To learn more tips, tricks and secrets to ethnic hair growth join my new letter and we become part of the "Black & Silky" hair club.

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